Jean-louis naudin ( france ) на основе бифиляра теслы

jean-louis naudin ( france ) на основе бифиляра теслы

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  • Jean-Louis Naudin (France). ".If we could produce electric effects of the required quality, this whole planet and the conditions of existence on it could be transformed. The sun raises the water of the oceans and winds drive it to distant regions where it remains in state of most delicate balance. If it were in our power to upset it when and wherever desired, this mighty life-sustaining stream could be at will controlled. We could irrigate arid deserts, create lakes and rivers and provide motive power in unlimited amount. This would be the most efficient way of harnesing the sun to t.

    Вот наработки Jean-Louis Naudin (France) на основе бифиляра Теслы Мной лично собран и опробован, генератор на ne частота правда в районе Гц и по предыдущей схеме. Токи потребления Ма на генераторе и на усилителе не мерял но тоже мизер. Есть мысли разделить кислород и водород мембраной и сжигать только водород или кислород. «Последнее редактирование: Февраль 23, , от Леонид».

    Audi признана наиболее популярной маркой среди подержанных автомобилей. Объем ежегодного производства составляет порядка 2 млн. единиц автомобилей.

    Jean-Louis Naudin предложил общественности свой вечняк [1]. У Ж. Наудина все просто: на входе В но примерно до Вт(непонятно транс что кушает но не выше ) - а на выходе имеем Вт!!! = Вт халявы! Даже если это "не кольцуется" то на базе этого уже сейчас можно строить обогреватели которые В ДВА РАЗА НИЖЕ потребляют энергии для обогрева! Миллиарды экономии для страны! Вот подробная схема [2].

    jean-louis naudin ( france ) на основе бифиляра теслы

    jean-louis naudin ( france ) на основе бифиляра теслы

    При изложении электродинамики Максвелла — Лоренца помимо традиционных вопросов рассмотрены явление сверхпроводимости, магнитогидродинамические волны, магнитная кумуляция, излучение Вавилова — Черенкова. Some comments from Tom Bearden about this experiment. Какие физические принципы были положены в основу движителей дисколетов? Chapter II, by Charles P.

    jean-louis naudin ( france ) на основе бифиляра теслы

    jean-louis naudin ( france ) на основе бифиляра теслы

    jean-louis naudin ( france ) на основе бифиляра теслы

    Jean-Louis Naudin - The flat bifilar Tesla coil

    The following is an electric wave experiment to demonstrate the inverse relationship between the coil, or magnetic inductor and the capacitor, or electrical inductor, and their usage in propagation of the electromagnetic field components.

    This is the electricity Tesla was propagating from his Magnifying Transmitter. Coils specs L1 to L8: All voltages measurements have been done with an oscilloscope. Some interesting book references: No TE-2, 2. Electric Discharges, Waves, and Impulses. Chapter II, by Charles P. Steinmetz, McGraw Hill, N. Steinmetz, McGraw Hill N. The Principles of the Algebra of Physics, A.

    Kennelly, Institute of Radio Engineers, Nov. Vector Power in A. This is a thinking about a "Magnetic Compression Energy Pump" device, I look forward to receive your suggestions and comments. Its run on simulation today Take a circuit with an inductance L1 resistance R1 and another inductance L2 resistance R2.

    At the beginning L1 and L2 is load with a source and the circuit L1,R1,L2,R2 is closed disconnect from the source to start the process. For trying to maintain the flux constant during the magnetic compression process, you must decrease L1 and increase R1, the inductance L2 R2 is "the collector" and have its characteristics constants. The "Magnetic Compression Process" run properly IF the decrease of L1 occurs rapidly enough, the damping effect due to the resistance of the circuit is too small to change the magnetic flux appreciably.

    Since magnetic flux is roughly conserved, the current I will increase as L1 decrease. If the circuit is correctly tuned with the parameters above, the electrical energy produced in the load is higher than the initial electromagnetic energy. Today, the strange properties of this EM Vortex generator are not fully explored, more tests and experiments must be conducted soon.

    So, today, I have decided to re-open the tests of this weird caduceus coil. For the first step, I have used my old Scalar Waves Transmitter device to check if it still works well. The test of the Scalar Waves Transmitter. The voltage is measured beetwen the point A-C see below. The Scalar Waves Transmitter works as well than in Nov The signal measured voltage has the same shape with the digital oscilloscope Fluke So, in the next phase of the test, I have decided to build and check myself his circuit based on a multiple layers Caduceus wound Coil.

    The Caduceus wound coil excitation with a squared pulse shows a very interesting event. This train of pulses produced by the Caduceus coil can be related to a Soliton because it is undamped. Some thinkings and hypothesis about the observed phenomenon: The strong back EMF pulse initiates the motion of the Bloch walls which surround the magnetic domains.

    Then the avalanche waves of the Bloch walls go back and forth along the ferrite rod as a Soliton wave which moves back and forth in a long and rectangular tank filled with water. Some comments from Tom Bearden about this experiment. The Barkhausen Effect experiment. Jean-Michel Cour for the sharing of all his ideas to the group and the building of a fruitful synergy around the world,. Ulysses Martins Rezende, who was the first proposed the "soliton" hypothesis to explain the experiment.

    Генератор продольной волны Главная Физика, Астрономия Электричество и магнетизм Введите число с картинки: The circuit must be tuned like this: You have bellow a simple experimental test circuit: Квазистатическая теория резонансного рассеяния электромагнитных волн на незамкнутых анизотропно проводящих цилиндрических поверхностях разное - Москва, - МФТУ, - , — стр.

    The Kapagen v3.3 by Jean-Louis Naudin Labs

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